Garage Door Repair Manhattan Beach gives you all kinds of garage door repair services along with continuous support. We are a full-sized repair company with a great team of experienced technicians who can help you fix any issues of your garage door in no time. 

We offer a variety of services. It may be a small wiring issue or a big malfunction, but it doesn’t stop us from providing you with the best service in the city. We believe in quality and urgency. So, the trade-off between these two helps us come up with the best quality garage door services for you.


The cable is responsible for rolling up and extending down your garage door. How do you know you have a problem with that? Well, for instance, check if there is more noise than usual while opening or closing the door. Also, the door can be slower to open and close and that too can be a consequence of a broken cable. Repairing them on your own can be dangerous. Instead, we recommend calling us and we will take care of that in no time.


Different types of locks are now available on the market. You need to choose which one is the right choice for you. We can install your preferred lock in your door. It doesn’t matter whether it is a digital lock, T-Handle Lock, or a side lock, we can work with all of them. Understanding the different types of garage door locks and choosing one that best suits your garage can be really satisfying. We will take care of the rest.


Manual garage doors have gone extinct. It is time for electric garage doors to take over. But do they let you stay tension-free? Well, there are a lot of issues. For instance, garage door openers are sensitive and can cause trouble at times. Whether it is the machine or the remote, we can take care of these issues and let you enjoy your normal life. Openers give you great security and ease of access, but as long as they are functioning.


Rollers are very important in operating your garage door effectively. They work whenever the garage door opens or closes. It is necessary for your rollers to be running or else your door will not properly work. When there is a discomfort with the rollers, we can make it going by cleaning the rollers and tracks. Our experts make sure there isn’t any grease or dirt that is blocking it. We also look into the pulley system.


Torsion springs are the common types of springs used for residential purposes. Being horizontal, they are usually put above the garage door with cables attached to the bottom corners. There is another type of spring known as the extension spring that depends on a pulley-like system where the extension spring is attached to Clevis pulley. You need to get the quality spring for your garage door that lasts long.


Keypads are usually placed on the outside portion of the garage door that requires a predetermined numeric code. Everyone nowadays loves this functionality that enables ease of access in operating your garage door. Those who have already got one may face malfunctions. But that is what we are here for. We repair all kinds of keypad issues along with installing them for the first time. We have got your back. 

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