How To Paint A Garage Door Learn Step By Step

How To Paint A Garage Door

Many of you may not be interested in decorating or taking care of your garage door as you have more important things to do. But, things like painting the door not only increase the beauty, it is also very essential to keep it away from rust. Talking about the appearance, painting is always good for making your lawn look good. With that being said, do you know how to paint a garage door?

Clearly, it is an outdoor paint job. What’s different here is that this one needs a bit more care as more drying time is required. Anyway, let’s not scare you out. Honestly, it is a fairly easy project. In this article, you will learn the steps to paint a garage door by spending two to three days and enjoy a nice-looking lawn for a long time.

Tools Needed To Paint Your Garage Door

How are you going to do it without knowing what you should use? A list of tools is what you need to gather before starting to paint your door. These are some gadgets and stuff you must look for –

  1. Wire Brush
  2. Painters Tape
  3. Latex Exterior Paint
  4. Paint Roller
  5. Ladder
  6. Goggles for safety
  7. Rubber Gloves
  8. Clean Towels
  9. Drop Cloth
  10. Nylon Brush

Learn Steps How To Paint A Garage Door

Let’s dive into the steps to start the process. 

Step 1. Check For Three Suitable Days

Don’t start your painting on any random day. You must check the weather forecast at least a week before planning to start. It is really important because both direct sunlight and rain can ruin your day. So, it is better to have a 60-75 degrees temperature on an average. Also check if the humidity is low. So, check if any consecutive three days meet these criteria.

Are you done selecting the most suitable day for the job? Now is the right time to collect your tools. Select paint and primer appropriate for your particular garage door. Nowadays, most of them are made of aluminum, but you may have a wooden one if your home is old.

Not sure what to purchase? Ask us for help.

How much color do you need? 

For a two-car garage, a gallon is enough. But, it may vary as many people put light color on the previous dark one.

Step 2. Clean The Surface & Remove Rust

The cleaner the surface, the longer your painting will last. Put on your protective gadgets like goggles, gloves, masks, and start cleaning the door. You may want to look for dust and rust. Use grit sandpaper to rub the rusty areas to have a smooth base. 

Wash the surface well and then dry it with clean towels or rags. Let it dry for an hour. Before doing anything else, you need to make sure everything on the surface is dry.

Step 3. Tape The Areas You Don’t Want to Paint

Areas that are not supposed to be painted must be covered with tape. So, to stop the painting from going anywhere you don’t want, make use of the painters tape to mask off the edges, handles, locks, and windows. 

Don’t ignore the inside and the outside of the garage door because colors may spread on the floor. The best practice is to lay out a drop cloth on both sides.

Step 4. Disable The Electric Mechanism

The electric opening mechanism raises a safety issue while painting a garage door. You don’t want to risk yourself while coloring it. Also, raising or lowering it every time may be painful if it is enabled. Therefore, lower it so that you manually can handle the movement of your garage door.

The aim is to reach a comfortable height while painting so that you don’t have to move and create a back pain for yourself.

Step 5. Prime The Door With An Exterior Primer

Let’s assume your garage door has inset panels. You need to prime these first using a 2-inch nylon paint brush. Next, wipe away any excess that may have crawled outside of the panels. Doing this will give you a smooth finish.

Now it is time to prime the stiles. Do that using the ¾ inch roller. Don’t miss the areas between the horizontal panels. They also call these the “lips”. 

After doing these successfully, it is time to trim at last. Keep it for drying for at least a day.

Step 6. Paint Your Door

Really, you have come this far! Now it is time to put on the exterior paint on your garage door. Do it the exact way you did priming – bottom to top. 

Survey your work. If it is looking good, you are done. Otherwise, go ahead and apply a second coat. But, wait for a day before doing that.

Painting your garage door is not a tough job. You will definitely appreciate your work and so will your neighbors. However, if you face any difficulties, you know we are there for you. Make a call to Garage Door Repair Manhattan Beach today!

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