How To Install A New Garage Door In Manhattan Beach, CA

Install New Garage Door

To install a garage door in Manhattan Beach is an investment. You must count on the cost of buying the door while considering how much the labor cost would be. Yet, it can save you both waiting time and money if you make the installation a “Do It Yourself” project. This article is all about preparing you about how to install a garage door. Do you need it? That depends on you. Can you do it? Well, that’s why we are here.

Do You Need Help?

This may be a matter of concern. But, nothing gives you more joy than figuring the whole thing out all by yourself. Give it a try! If something doesn’t seem right, we are here for you.

New Garage Door Installation

Generally, older garage doors can weigh up to 450 lbs. With some additional deteriorating hardware, an old garage door often becomes the cause of a big home accident. Some of us may enter and exit through garage doors more often than we use our main entry doors of the house. So, it is important to install a new garage door. And since you have decided to make it a do-it-yourself project, we will walk you through a generic user manual to install a garage door and save a few hundred bucks. This process is going to take about 10 hours to complete, so choose a day when you can clear the routine. You stay in Manhattan Beach, CA, and you need a new garage door just contact Garage Door Repair Manhattan Beach.

Required Tools

Do you have the instruments that are required to do this project? It not, go ahead and collect these and save yourself from frustration-

  • Screwdriver (4 in 1)
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Stepladder
  • Sawhorses
  • Safety goggles
  • Rags
Install A New Garage Door

Steps To Install A Garage Door

Let’s see what the steps are.

Step 1 – Release Tension On Springs

First of all, you need to release the tension on side-mounted springs. You can do it by lifting the door and locking it in place with the help of lock-pliers. Then, tie the extension spring on the roller track. After that, you need to disconnect the cable from the bottom bracket with pliers.

Step 2 – Remove Old Door

So far so good. Now it is time to lower the door and dismantle it by removing the hardware attached to it. If it is a double door, get at least two helpers to lower it. We recommend you to use a 2×4 block while doing it that will save you from smashing your fingers by the door.

Using the rollers and brackets, you can remove the sections one at a time. Next, remove the remaining hardware and old roller tracks.

Step 3 – Install Initial Section

After you have successfully removed the old door, you must center and level the first section of your new door after installing the brackets. You can use shims under the section in order to level the door because the floor might not be level. But don’t worry about the floor because the rubber gaskets will fill the unlevel gaps. 

In order to level it, tape it to the section. Toenail a 16d nail into the frame and bend it over the section to hold the section in place.

Add brackets and rollers right before you set them up in place.

It is time to install the stiffening strut on top of the top section of steel doors. You must do it with the section lying flat.

Install the opener bracket that replaces the center bracket between the top two sections. Be careful, you must protect them from scratches while working on the sections. You can do it by putting carpet scraps on top of your sawhorses.

Step 5 – Install The Roller Tracks

In this step, you must install the vertical tracks first. Wrap the curved lip around the rollers in order to do that. Don’t install the upper tracks until this step is complete. Make sure the vertical roller tracks are level with each other. After leveling and mounting these tracks, install the horizontal ones.

Step 6 – Align The Upper Tracks

Lift the door halfway to align the upper tracks. Install the supporting brackets on the back of the rails. You will need a 1-¼ inch perforated angle iron. Make sure you have locked the door in place with two pliers. 

Then, install 1-½ inch stop bolts. 

Step 7 – Set The Springs, then the Bar

It is now time to place the garage door springs and bar in their brackets and connect the cables. This step varies from door to door, so it is better if you do it with the help of the manufacturer’s manual book.

Key To A Safe Garage Door System

The garage door is a key part of your house. Not only can it increase your beauty, but also it is related to security issues of your residence. Therefore, you must know what it needs to be done if you want a safe garage door system.

Make sure the springs are properly tensioned. Generally, double steel doors are so heavy that they may sometimes eventually break. So, check if you can get a lightweight one.

Look if the door you are buying has pinch-resistant section designs. This will save you from many major smash-accidents.

Having a garage door opener is a blessing for modern-day houses. It is a great automation tool for saving you from many different problems that typically occur in garage doors. You may also like to read how to install a garage door track.

An annual check can save you from spending a lot of money behind your garage door. Check all the nuts, springs, bolts, and the tracks as well to make sure they are working properly. Change the ones that aren’t. Also, check the condition of the cables to make sure they are not frayed.

Don’t forget to lubricate the portions that make noise. The door should be level and balanced. If anything goes wrong, make a call to our expert garage door workers. We will be here in no time and take over!

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