How To Install A Garage Door Track

How To Install A Garage Door Track

By installing a garage door, you can improve the appearance of your home as well as your lawn. It also solves a lot of security issues. But, you need to make sure it is installed properly. Now, if you are installing solid doors with hinges that work as a single unit, you do not need to worry about the tracks. On the other hand, doors that operate using a track and are made of several panels are the ones we are going to talk about. In this article, we are going to talk about how to install a garage door track. 

Improper installation of these tracks not only raises security concerns but also prevents you from opening the door. In order to do it properly, go through the whole article.

You also need to make sure the door panels are well-functioning as well as the tracks.

Tools You Need

You will need some tools while installing a garage door track. Not a lot, but you must keep them somewhere in your garage in case something happens in the future. These are the ones you need- 

  1. Electric Drill
  2. Drywall Anchors
  3. Level
  4. Safety Goggles
  5. Gloves

Learn How To Install A Garage Door Track Step By Step

Garage Door Parts

Step 1. Install Weatherstripping and attach the brackets

First of all, you need to install the weatherstripping on the bottom edge of the bottom door panel. The process of installing weatherstripping may vary as there are many manufacturers out there. It is good to read the instructions provided by the door. For those of you who don’t know, the weatherstripping is a seal that prevents water and outside air from entering the garage.

After doing that successfully, attach the brackets for the cable to the bottom door panel, following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the placement of the brackets and the precise installation method. The cable is part of the mechanism that opens and closes the door.

Step 2. Install The Hinges

Next, you need to place the hinges to the top edge of the bottom door panel. This side will face inside the garage, for your information. You have to use the electric drills to make pilot holes through the screw holes in the hinges, then screw the hinges to the door panel. In total, there are usually three hinges, one on each side and one in the middle.

Step3. Install The Tracks

Place the bottom door panel across the opening for the garage door, centering it over the opening. Position the door with the hinges on the top, facing inside the garage, and the weatherstripping on the bottom. Next, you need to assemble the door tracks by following the instructions given in the manual. When you are done, each of the tracks contains the brackets that will be used to attach the top section of the tracks to your garage door ceiling. The precise assembly process varies by manufacturer. Slide wheels into the outside hinges and cable brackets on the bottom panel. These wheels will roll inside the track when the door is opened and closed.

Also, you must slide the bottom edge of the tracks over the wheels. Give it enough space so that the door panel gets the freedom to move easily inside the track. Then screw the tracks to the door frame. You can do it by driving screws through the holes into the plates. Don’t fully tighten the screws, however; tighten them enough to keep the tracks in place but loose enough that you can adjust the tracks as needed.

Your work is mostly done. Now you have to attach three hinges to the top edge of the second door panel. Next, you must slide a wheel into the outer hinges.

Spot the subsequent door board on the head of the base board, sliding the wheels into the track as you position the door. Attach the two panels together by screwing the hinges on the top edge of the bottom panel to the second panel. Continue attaching panels in this fashion until the door is complete.

Check each track for plumb (vertically straight) with a level, and adjust them if necessary. Once the tracks are plumb, tighten the screws in the brackets that attach them to the door frame.

Check each track for plumb (vertically forthright) with a level, and modify them if vital. When the tracks are plumb, fix the tightens the sections that connect them to the door jamb.

Connect the top area of the tracks to the roof by driving screws through the mounting sections and into the roof joists. In the event that you can’t append the whole section to the roof joists, install drywall grapples in the roof for additional quality and soundness.

To Sum Up

Installing a garage door track is not so easy. This article was about introducing the process and giving a slight overview of how it is done. Hopefully, you will do it well. If not, that is why we are here for. Call your best garage door repair service experts today.

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